Time for Contemplation

Escape the noise and dust of Ho Chi Minh City?

Recover from a stressful week at work?

Visit the Mekong Delta at a place where no other tourists go?

Our 3 day retreat “Time for contemplation” is offered to Vietnam-tourists or people working in Asia who seek a short break and an unforgettable experience in the Vietnamese countryside off the standard tourist tracks.

Get reconnected to nature while trying a voluntary Digital Detox and experience life of the people in the Vietnamese countryside. Learn to cherish what you have – you will experience life will offer you so much more.


You can expect the following program (subject to changes due to weather conditions):

Time for Contemplation

Day 1 (Friday):

7.00 – 7.30: Pickup in Ho Chi Minh-City
        ~ 9.00:  Breakfast / Coffee
        ~11.00:  Arrival at the coaching house in Vung Liem – locking away watches, smartphones, tablets
          Noon:  Lunch in the garden, fresh coconuts
After Lunch: Siesta, Coffee, Group discussion: “Digital Detox” or “What makes us happy?”
After Siesta: Fruit trail and tropical gardening tour, fruit tasting
      Evening: Vietnamese Cooking: Cooking classical food together in the group
Late evening: Individual time, discussions, having fruit drinks together

Time for Contemplation

Day 2 (Saturday):

Sunrise: Yoga in the rice fields
After that: Breakfast (‘Pho’) under the coconut trees and drinking fresh coconut juice or papaya leaf tea
After that: “Get connected to the locals I”: Bike tour to Vung Liem, shopping on the market, visit a microfinance institution and talking to people about a topic of the group’s choice (depends on approval of the microfinance institution)
Noon: Lunch in Vung Liem
After Lunch: “Get connected to the locals II”: Driving back, stopping by randomly on the way to have a coffee / tea, talking to these people about “Work”.
Afternoon: Vietnamese Cooking: Prepare a big traditional meal
Evening: Eating together in the garden, leisure time, walking, talking, enjoying to “have time”
Later: Short coaching sessions (What can you learn from the people in Vung Liem?)

Time for Contemplation

Day 3 (Sunday):

Sunrise: Yoga in the rice fields
After that: Breakfast (‘Bun Bo Hue’ or other) under the coconut trees and drinking fresh coconut milk or papaya leaf tea
After breakfast: Boat tour on a Mekong river branch
Noon: Lunch in the garden
After lunch: Siesta and returning mobile phones, tablets and watches
~16.00 Driving home
~19.30 Arrival in Saigon

Time for Contemplation

Time for Contemplation

Every Friday-Sunday 

Price 280 USD p.p./ max. 6 participants

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