Intercultural Training Vietnam

Manuel Wendle

Intercultural Trainer

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  • 12 years experience in living and working with Vietnamese

  • Academic level in “International Business Communication”

  • Vietnamese skills at high conversational level

  • 5 years leadership experience in multinational teams in Europe and Vietnam

What you will experience in my Training

Comprehensive reflections

Cultural assessment and reflection of experiences you made with customers, employees or other stakeholders.


I dedicate my full attention to you during the time we work. I will support you in finding solutions which save you time when working with Vietnamese.

Mutual Learning

Both of us have had success in our lives. That’s why we should work together and learn from each other!

What you will NOT experience in my Training

Seminar-like culture teaching

We believe that you develop smart and culturally adapted solutions best when they are based on your individual experiences.

Instructions what is right or wrong

What you experience is subjective. There is no correct or incorrect behavior, but only the question whether or not a behavior is culturally accepted.

Stereotypes or generalizations

…because both will definitely not help to gain empathy for cultures. Your culture and the Vietnamese culture are great and adorable. Let´s work on combining the best of both!

5 situations in which intercultural training helps you finding better solutions

Situation 1:

Performance at work below expectations

Situation 2:

Caught in the “micromanagement trap”

Situation 3: 

Over averagre fluctuation rate in your team

Situation 4:

Lower than used success rates in sales

Situation 5:

Mistrust towards staff or suppliers

My Intercultural Training Process

Together we define areas of development for your intercultural competence then we apply the “DECODE” steps.

Intercultural Training Vietnam

What is DECODE?



Together we define your fields of action for which you want to enhance your intercultural competence.


We let you consciously experience culturally influenced live situations with Vietnamese.


We clarify to you the perception or point of view of your Vietnamese counterpart in the experienced situation.


We outline what you wanted to achieve in that situation and how you did it.


Based on your reflections we support you in discovering culturally improved strategies how to achieve your goals faster and with less effort.


Every development needs to be evaluated to measure progress.

Intercultural Training

“The highest realms of thought are impossible to reach without first attaining an understanding of compassion.”
― Socrates ―

I am looking forward to learning from each other and bring you closer to the Vietnamese people and their miraculous culture. Vietnamese culture is definitely more than understanding the “losing face” issue. 

Test my services for free – then we decide how we can team up and grow together.

My intercultural training can take place anywhere: in your office, in my office or somewhere else between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh-City. We can even prepare your expatriation to Vietnam in a foreign country.

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