Time for Transformation

Do you want to experience real life in the Vietnamese countryside?

Are you planning a sabbatical and looking for a variety from your daily life?

Looking for a change in your life and looking for new perspectives?

Our long term retreat “Time for Transformation” is offered to people who are looking for a special retreat or who want to experience real life in the Vietnamese countryside. 

Spend a 5-30 days in our retreat house in the rice fields and experience life in Vietnam as it was 20 years ago. Contact us. We take time for you!


See what you can experience in a retreat.

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Classical Retreat Activities

Shiatsu Massage under the coconut trees or Yoga at sunset in the rice fields or meditation at the fish pond.

We are creative when it comes to offering you a unique retreat experience. Get an immediate relief from stress and prepare your body and mind for a journey to the essentials of life.

  • Time for Transformation
  • Time for Transformation
  • Time for Transformation
Tropical Gardening

Tropical Gardening

Nature Activities

Living in concrete buildings of man-made cities disconnects us from being part of where we come from. During your retreat we will spend  a lot of time with you in nature and trigger all your senses to experience re-connection.

Our nature activities include walking and biking through the Mekong Delta or tropical gardening in a fruit farm and many more.

Biking Tours

Biking Tours

Community Activities

We connect you with the locals. The people in the countryside of Vietnam want to learn from you and you will learn from them how to live a life in balance – even without material wealth. 

Community activities can include accompanying a microfinance loan officer, doing creativity work, preparing and eating food with locals or writing books about the knowledge of elderly Vietnamese in natural medicine or tropical gardening. 

The potential activities are unlimited.

  • Accompany Microfinance NGOs

    Accompany Microfinance NGOs

  • Creativity Work

    Creativity Work

  • Grill fish together

    Grill fish together

  • Prepare vegetables

    Prepare vegetables

  • Learn about Herbal Medicine

    Learn about Herbal Medicine

Time for Transformation

Personal Guidance

Massages, yoga or meditation combined with nature and community activities lay the basis for a sustainable recreation and give you an unforgettable insight into the lives of the Vietnamese in the countryside. Possibly your experiences trigger off a transformational process: many of our guests will see their roles in life and their way of living in a different light.

To guarantee an experience as authentic as possible Manuel and Thao will guide you during your activities. We make the planned activities become reality and build for you the bridges to the people.

Time for Transformation

Time for Transformation

(5-30 days programs)

Please ask us for your individual program and a tentative quotation.

Prices start at 1650 USD for individuals and 2450 USD for families.

Exclusive retreats (no other guests) cost 3000 USD / week.

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